Liam Hemsworth Shares A Selfie With ‘The Best Mum In The World’

As the mother of 3 sons I can only hope that one day my boys will post a selfie of them with me and caption it ‘best Mum in the world’ like Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth did recently with his mother. My oldest son is a pre-teen and firmly in the ‘don’t talk to me in front of my friends’ stage, so I think I’ll be waiting a few years for that to happen. Hemsworth’s selfie shows a super cute pic of him and his mum standing on a balcony and his mum looks pleased as punch that her son wanted to take a picture with her!


best Mum in the world

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Liam, who is the youngest of the Hemsworth boys is obviously very proud of his mom Leonie (and basically her look a like). Leonie has accompanied Liam on numerous red carpet appearances and is his biggest fan.

Hemsworth is an ambassador for the Australian Childhood Foundation and said this about his parents on the site;

“ I have the best parents you can have,” says Liam. “They have worked in child protection for twenty years and have only ever given me encouragement and support, and I always felt safe and loved.The world is a scary enough place as it is for children. It is important that home should always be a safe place for them. If they don’t have that, if they grow up unsafe and uncared for, that causes so much harm. I want the best for the next generations, because they are the future.”

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