Lederhosen, Ribbons & Other Themes

Lederhosen, Ribbons & Other Themes

The other night, hubby and I plopped on the couch after putting our little one to bed and enjoying dinner together…as usual. We navigated all the channels…as usual. Nothing on…as usual. So we just sat there, watching House…as usual…(Is it just me, or is that show always on?)

This led me to take a look at this rut we were in. Every night, same thing. Trés “Groundhog Day.” Daughter to bed, dinner, dishes, TV, bed. To keep it exciting, sometimes we have dinner before she goes to bed. We’re crazy like that.

I came up with this idea of how we could do things together, while also getting things done. Fun and function? Say it isn’t so.

We gave each night of the week a theme. I don’t mean wear-your-favorite-lederhosen or ribbons-and-bows night (although these do sound intriguing). By themes I mean, personal, business, fun, etc.

I know. Schedules take spontaneity out of life. I say this…you can be inspired to be impulsive at any given time. No matter what you’re doing. But in our world of a tiring kid, work and such, the spontaneous things have more of a chance of fighting through the muck if all the must-do things are done.

Here’s our week. Mix or match to fit your own household’s needs.

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