Leah Messer Shares Heartbreaking Moment Daughter Ali Asked Her A Tough Question

Just broke my heart.

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has been through her share of struggles. We’ve watched as she’s dealt with some pretty heavy stuff, from getting pregnant as a teenager to going through a divorce. Nothing has been harder than watching Leah and daughter Ali try to navigate Ali’s health issues. Ali was diagnosed with Titin’s muscular dystrophy a few years ago. The rare genetic disease hadn’t been seen in children before Ali’s diagnosis. Because it’s so rare in someone Ali’s age, her prognosis is unknown. But the disease has caused some significant health problems for the 8-year-old.


Leah recently tweeted a question that Ali asked her during a mother-daughter makeup session. It’s got to be so incredibly difficult to navigate this illness, and we imagine Leah and Ali’s father Corey struggle every single day to explain it all to sweet Ali. It’s so hard for kids to understand why things like this happen. And it’s hard for parents to understand it, too! But even with all their struggles, Leah and Corey seem committed to doing the best they can to make sure Ali is well-taken care of, and grows up knowing just how special she is.

But that doesn’t mean Leah doesn’t struggle with the heartbreak of their reality every single day…

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