Le Bibble Keeps Babies Clean from the Bottle’s Dribble!

Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner are huge fans!
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The first Le bibble® collection, Le Lucie, is all about color! You’ll find ten bold, bright premium cotton designer prints, each with a super-absorbent double layer organic cotton underlay for wiping away dribbles. 

The funfunctional® brand of Le Bibble is based of the notion that routine activities can be made more enjoyable through creative expression and design. Their mission is simple. They design products that simplify and enhance daily living.
How Le Bibble Wipes Work
Le Bibble Wipes

This is our funformula™! We focus on family to design functional, fashion-forward and future-friendly products that are fun to use. As a company started by a single mom, we know how busy life can get and believe it’s important to enjoy all of our moments to the max and in our own signature style!


Le Bibble Colors and Prints

Rachel Florio-Urso

Celebrity Baby Trend Expert, Rachel Florio-Urso has a proven track record when it comes to public relations and integrated marketing. With over a decade of on-air appearances and product placements on major network television, leading publications, and high-ranking blogs, she is the go-to-expert in this industry. Rachel Florio-Urso is well respected and her references, client roster and press pages speak volumes about her organizational skills and work ethic. No one is more experienced or better connected in this market. Celebrity Baby Trend Expert, Rachel Florio-Urso partners with Silly Bandz® creator Robert Croak to launch Designer Diaperz!

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