This Mama Proves How Easy It Is to Hide Postpartum Stretch Marks And Loose Skin On Instagram

All moms need to know the truth

    After having a baby, your body changes. It’s inevitable. But fitness influencer and mom Laysa Neto has the secret to make it less noticeable in photos, and it’s absolutely brilliant!

    It seems like every fitness influencer on Instagram is perfect. That’s because it’s their job to cultivate that seemingly perfect image for the sake of social media. But, it then feels impossible for us regular moms to replicate. And who wants to work hard to look good and never attain that level of perfection? It’s frustrating, but Neto’s pulling back the curtain.

    Angles, illusions and Photoshop are all at play here

    As much as we’d like to believe that these moms have perfect bodies, they’re still moms. But they know how to make the camera work for them (or make Photoshop work) so they can project an image of perfection. On her Instagram, Laysa Neto posted a series of three pictures.

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