Latest Kid Toy Craze Blamed for Causing Permanent Damage to 10-Year-Old’s Eyesight

I’m not a huge fan of toy trends, but my children definitely are. At their ages, it’s so difficult to say no to something when they insist on getting a new toy simply because everyone else in their class (and school!) have it, too. Right before my kids ended the school year, I was very reluctant to buy them a fidget spinner. I found it insane how quickly the fidget spinner trend caught on fire all over the country.

So I figured, eh, with only a few weeks left in school, they can have them. Fidget spinners are cheap and after a few weeks they’ll forget about them anyway. So I let my husband purchase a few for our kids on Amazon.

Well now that they are no longer playing with them (seriously, I can’t remember the last time my son touched one), we parents have a new trend to worry about: the toothpick crossbow. And yes, it’s just as scary and dangerous as it sounds! In fact, one 10-year-old from China damaged his eyesight after playing with one in class!

Credit: Shutterstock/WAYhome studio

Here’s what you need to know.

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