Babysitter Charged With First Degree Child Abuse In Death Of Infant

Police Say Lataya Hutchins Poisoned the Baby with a Lidocaine Enema

This is a truly heartbreaking story. A babysitter in Maryland is facing a first-degree child abuse charge, after the death of an infant who was in her care. Lataya Hutchins, 32, was charged on Thursday. The 6-month-old baby died in November 2017, after Hutchins administered an enema that had been coated with a lubricant containing lidocaine.

Lidocaine is a topical anesthetic, used frequently to treat painful conditions. But it is not recommended for infants and toddlers, without the supervision of a medical professional. It is not known if Hutchins knew the lubricant contained lidocaine, or if she was aware of the dangers of giving it to such a young baby.

The infant, Indira Henderson, was in Hutchin’s care when she died. The baby had been constipated for a few days. After getting permission from the baby’s mother, Hutchins gave her the enema. Immediately after it was given, Indira began convulsing.

She died at the hospital later that day. It wasn’t until a subsequent autopsy investigation revealed the cause of death that Hutchins was arrested and charged. I cannot imagine the pain Indira’s family has endured since November.

Losing a child is the hardest thing a parent can endure. Knowing it was easily preventable makes it that much harder.

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