Last Steps To A Perfect Smile With Invisalign

Last Steps To A Perfect Smile With Invisalign

I am a member of the Invisalign MAB and received complimentary treatment. 

I am not sure there are enough words to express my excitement when my orthodontist shared the news last week that I am a few weeks away from a perfect smile and done with the first stage of Invisalign.

Dr. Fotovat checked my teeth for spacing with dental floss ( his super powerful way to make sure no food can get caught) and then with a big smile shared it was now time to cut the Invisalign mouth pieces back and get ready for retainers.

As he cut them, he explained I would go from 22 hours to 12 hours a day and not wear the liners to sleep ( they are easier to swallow if you do because they are so small). I will admit I was a little dissapointed as I love how they kept me from grinding my teeth. I have never had a night guard I could keep in so these were perfect!

He also took off some of my brackets since he was cutting the liners.

I am very excited in less then three weeks, I will have a perfect smile and I will also have a retainer that I can wear at night. In the mean time I had to schedule a trip to the dentist, to get my front tooth re-bonded (I broke them as a child) so that Dr. Fotovat can make sure that my retainer fits with them in.

Photo Courtesy of Hot Moms Club
Photo Courtesy of Hot Moms Club

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