Lake Arrowhead Resort; A Perfect Family Getaway!

Lake Arrowhead Resort; A Perfect Family Getaway!

The Lake
The Lake

Recently, I was looking for a great local getaway for the family. My requirements were: 1. Short Travel Time in the car. 2. Kid – Friendly / Pet Friendly. 3. Lots of pool and water time. 4. I really wanted to un-plug from work and focus on my family.

I have been wanting for the last few years to travel to Lake Arrowhead and heard great reviews on the Lake Arrowhead Resort and recently they were added to the Marriott family! Full disclosure  I was given a press rate and upgraded room for my stay.   All opinions expressed are my own and no compensation was given.

The room was spacious and had everything we could possibly need. it also was free of creepy crawly’s… I go on vacations and no matter how 5 star the hotel is the spiders always find me. I did not leave with one bite!  It was a 1-bedroom suite with plenty of room to put two roll out twin beds in the living area for the kids and for my husband and I to have our separate sleeping space.

The bathroom had a separate shower stall and a water jet tub that was so deep, my 5 year old daughter could stand in the center and barely see over the edge ( but her favorite part was all of the bubbles)!

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