LaCroix Bathing Suits Are Here And They’re So Summer Perfect

If you can't drink it, wear it!

    Just when you think summer can’t get better, wait for it… LaCroix bathing suits exist. Now you can wear your favorite fizzy water and drink it at the beach! If there is one thing we know for sure, LaCroix lovers live to talk about how much they love it. And now, they don’t need to use the words, it’s literally right there. Since the drink is so popular, it was only a matter of time before off-beat products began popping up. And frankly, this is so much fun, how could you not love it?

    The swimsuits are available via company Public Space. And they’re not just for women, there are swim trunks for the LaCroix loving men in your life too. Featuring one piece swimsuits and matching pairs of trunks, the flavor options only scratch the surface.

    Credit: publicspace

    Pamplemousse or Lime?

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