L-Word Leisha Hailey kisses a girl and gets kicked off airline!

The “L-Word” actress, Leisha Hailey took to Twitter after SouthWest Airlines escorted her off after kissing her girlfriend while in the air on a flight from Baltimore to St. Louis. “I have been discriminated against” Said Hailey. The airline said the passengers were describing the act as excessive. The discussion between Hailey and the flight attendants were supposedly recorded. (Wish I could Hear that!) When the flight did land the conversation continued. The airline claimed that the response was based solely on the behavior and not about gender.

Well, I am sure if I was a lesbian and this incident had happened to me, that I would “assume” it was discrimination as well. However, I am not a lesbian and I have to say, if customers are made to feel uncomfortable weather it excessive behavior or parents flying with their children who are uncomfortable, then I stand behind the airline. It comes down to common courtesy when entering a public arena.  Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and maybe you will understand why it would bother people. I just hope GLADD doesn’t go Al Sharpton on their ass!!!

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