Kylie Jenner Posts A Photo of Stormi’s Real Dad In Response To Those Silly Rumors

People are convinced that Kylie's bodyguard is the real babydaddy

    Can we put this whole “who is Stormi’s dad?” thing to bed now, please?! A couple of weeks ago, people discovered that Kylie Jenner has a SUPER hot bodyguard named Tim Chung. Around that same time, other people noticed that Stormi seemed to bear a strong resemblance to Chung. Personally, I don’t see it! It takes some time before babies start to look like ANYONE. But the rumor gained steam, and then suddenly it was all over the internet. Kylie and boyfriend Travis Scott have stayed pretty quiet about it, although it was reported that Scott was none too pleased with the talk about Stormi’s paternity. But now, we have confirmation from mama herself.

    Kylie Jenner posted a photo of Instagram, with a caption meant to quash the rumors once and for all.

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