Kylie Jenner Threw Herself A Low Key Baby Shower The Day After Sister Kim’s Extravagant ‘Tea For Three’

Trying to stay out of the public eye

There’s a baby boom happening in the Kardashian family, if you’re one to believe all those internet rumors. We all know that Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West are excitedly preparing for the birth of baby #3, reportedly another girl, within the next month. Kim recently threw herself a lavish ‘tea for three’ baby shower featuring a stunning cherry blossom theme to prepare for her impending arrival. But Kim isn’t the only Kardashian sister that’s rumored to be pregnant.

Younger sisters Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are also both rumored to be expecting, and while neither of the women have confirmed nor denied the rumors, their absence from social media speaks volumes!

Khloé, who is said to be expecting a boy with boyfriend, Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson has been a bit more visible on social media lately but her pictures seem to be strategically posed, with the Revenge Body host always seeming to be hiding her midsection.

Kylie however has been much more secretive on social media, only posting head shots since her ‘pregnancy’ was first reported.

Many think it’s all part of an elaborate plan by the famous family to capitalize on each pregnancy reveal, making sure when they announce it’s for maximum exposure. Rumor has it that Khloe’s baby belly will make it’s debut in the family’s iconic Christmas card while others say Kylie is happier keeping a lower profile.

While the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan might want to keep her pregnancy private, she is reportedly very excited about it and even threw her own baby shower this past weekend, just one day after big sister Kim’s lavish affair.

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