Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Are Getting Shamed For Going Out Without Stormi


It does not seem to matter what kind of person you are, if you are a mom you are going to get hate for your choices. There is no “rule book” to follow when it comes to parenting, or finding yourself in that space. It’s a challenge that seems to put moms between a rock and a hard place. Where you want to be there for your kids and do everything that you can. While at the same time, you don’t want to lose yourself in the process. Or your relationship with your partner. Every parent can attest to the truth that adding a new baby to the family can be a real strain on your relationship. And it’s hard for you as well. That’s likely why Kylie Jenner was doing what she needs and fostered her relationship with herself and her partner.

Parenthood is hard and for me, personally, I found the transition from zero kids to one kid to be the most challenging. It was the hardest in terms of finding my new normal and learning to ease into parenthood. It was also the hardest and most challenging for my partnership. There are so many new things that you are learning during this phase of life and it’s no joke hard.

That’s why taking time and taking up others for their offer of support is a good thing. But that seems to be what Kylie Jenner has done and she’ being met with all kinds of hate.

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Devan McGuinness

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