Kylie Jenner’s Friends Are Now Posting Photos Of Her When She Was Pregnant

She's gorgeous.

When Kylie Jenner announced that she was yes, pregnant, and that she had already had her baby girl, people were surprised. Not really by the pregnancy. We had all been hearing rumors for so long and she nor her family weren’t really doing anything to show that it was different. But, no one confirmed the rumors. No one saw Kylie Jenner out in months. And that’s what most people were shocked about. That someone so famous could go out of the public eye for a little bit and then just be … yeah, I did that on purpose so you guys would leave me alone.

I honestly do not know how she kept photos of her pregnancy out of the public eye. But she did. And according the announcement she made, it was all for her health and happiness. I can’t imagine all the pressure celebrities feel when they’re pregnant. It has to be more than average and stress isn’t good. We know it’s not healthy for babies or pregnant mamas.

She has a great group of friends. Because we all now any pregnant photo of Kylie when those rumors were flying would have garnered a whole lot of money.

But, no one started to share those photos of Kylie Jenner pregnant… until now.

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Devan McGuinness

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