Kylie Jenner Faces ‘Complications’ During Pregnancy And May Need Surgery

She's nearing the end of her pregnancy.

When you find out you are pregnant, you are met with so many fear mongering stories. People worry about what will happen in the first trimester — will your baby make it? Will they be healthy? And that fear does not really go away as the pregnancy goes on. Some people worry more than others– some have more to worry about than others. But ultimately, we all want to have as few complications as we can. Even celebrities like Kylie Jenner experience them, and it’s hard.

The 20-year-old reality star has not officially confirmed that she is expecting, but there have been so many reports that it’s true. Being pregnant for the first time, you are not really sure what to expect. And those changes can be really hard. Kylie Jenner has the support of her mom, who had 6 children and her siblings who have had children. She is also rumored to be pregnant at the same time as her older sister, Khloe, who confirmed that she is expecting her first child. Plus, Kim just welcomed her third, her first via surrogate.

So she has a lot of people to lean on and ask questions to, but it’s still scary it being your first. And it seems as she is nearing the end of her pregnancy, there are some concerns about labor and delivery.

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