Kylie Jenner Is Mom-Shamed For Having Long Fingernails

Seriously? Like... really?!

There is no question that mom-shaming is getting out of hand. What is it about just minding your own gosh darn business that people have a hard time with? If you do something different than someone else, what is it to you? How is that at all different for anything? We all seem to be competing with each other and no one minds their tongue anymore. I have to wonder what that kind of mentality does to celebrities. We know the judgement and side eyes can really mess up a new mom’s confidence. And that plays into a whole lot of things. But, when you’re a celebrity, you are more open to getting criticism because anytime you share something on social media, or you know, just step outside your house, people comment. New moms, like Kylie Jenner, have to field so much more of that santimommy bs that we just have to deal with on a much smaller scale. Same stuff, but blown out to more people who think they can say what they want.

Kylie Jenner is a massive celebrity. I’m not sure if her being tucked away during her pregnancy made people even more interested in her life now that she’s had her daughter and more in the social media space again. Or if people would be less likely to be all over each photo if she didn’t do that. I think, because let’s be real here, it’s Kylie Jenner, people just like to hate on her.

And the latest thing she’s being called out for us super not cool.

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Devan McGuinness

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