Kylie Jenner Apparently Went Into Labor And Everyone Is Freaking Out

Screenshots don't lie!

If there was one big mystery that people are seriously stumped about, it would be whether Kylie Jenner is actually pregnant right now or not. It has been rumored since September, so if it was true, she is bound to be having that baby sometime soon, if she hasn’t already.

The internet recently got all up in a freak out when those who keep an eye on Kylie Jenner saw a big clue. And it looked like Kylie Jenner was in labor — right then — and maybe we would finally get some real confirmation on what is going on here.

The Kardashian Jenner family is not really know for keeping thing on the down low or not being quiet for too long. But, of course, people are talking even more about what could be going on here because NO ONE is talking about it.

We thought we would get the for sure confirmation during the holidays when the family was sharing their holiday card photos each day. Everyone held on until that 25th day when they thought it would happen.

But all was silent.

I had a theory that the family thought Kylie would have the baby before that 25th day and they were going to reveal the baby — but i don’t know what I am talking about for real.

Well, it seems that she went into labor — and it was those really invested into what’s going on here that put the pieces together and freaked out.

Kylie Jenner looks like she was in labor — and here’s why:

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