Kylie Jenner Is Desperate For Help And She’s Not Getting It From Her Family

It’s because she can’t even rely on her own mom!

Kylie Jenner is a new mom. And just like any new mom will tell you, those first few weeks with your newborn baby are tough! Not only are you trying to navigate your new life as a mother, but you are also learning how to breastfeed, you’re trying to survive despite all of those sleepless nights and most of all, you are trying to find your rhythm. And no, it’s not easy. Every mother struggles in one way or another.

And apparently, life for Kylie Jenner is no walk in the park right now, either. She just gave birth to her baby daughter Stormi but she’s having a hard time doing it all on her own.

Just recently Kylie said that she didn’t want to hire a nanny or anyone outside of her family and friends to help take care of her baby daughter. Well, it looks like circumstances have changed as she’s seriously thinking about hiring a full-time nanny to help her out at home. That’s because she’s not getting the help that she was hoping to get from her family. Here’s what we know so far.

Kylie Jenner is desperate and she’s not getting the help she needs.

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