Kristi Yamaguchi Throws Major Shade at ‘DWTS’ Contestant Nancy Kerrigan in One Savage Tweet

Truth be told, I’m a pretty superstitious person. I try to avoid the number 13 at all times, cringe whenever I see a black cat walking in the wrong direction and try to avoid certain sayings or phrases that might end up biting me in the you-know-where later on. Yet, it doesn’t look like former Olympian medalist Kristi Yamaguchi feels that way.

While fans are still trying to figure out if she was trying to be humorous or just plain bitchy, a lot of people can’t figure out why she sent a rather strange text to fellow ice skater and Dancing With the Stars contestant Nancy Kerrigan. I mean, we all know Nancy’s back story, right? So why on Earth would Kristi write something like this, and on Twitter no less!

Kristi Yamaguchi
Credit: Shutterstock/Helga Esteb

She had to know that this was going to get her a lot of attention on social media, right?

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