Kristen Bell Slammed For Talking About Her Daughter’s Parasitic Infection

We like Kristen Bell but she went too far this time.

Kristen Bell is getting slammed for talking about her daughter’s pinworm with her fans. Kristen and Dax have two small children, Lincoln and Delta, and apparently people want them to stop talking about their daughters and their embarrassing and messy situations at home.

Apparently, Kristen’s daughter Delta contracted pinworms, small white intestinal parasites which are relatively harmless, from preschool. I mean, no big deal, right? Surely, a lot of young kids Delta’s age get this all the time. But here’s the thing: a lot of parents don’t talk about it on social media and worse, humiliate their kids in front of the entire world. As common as these parasites are, they are still super gross! It’s like admitting that your child loves to eat his or her boogers. Why shame your kid that way?

Now, Kristen Bell is the kind of person that likes to be honest. There’s no subject that she won’t talk about. But a lot of people are saying that she crossed the line here. And what’s more, she’s added a lot of details to the story, too.

Here’s what Kristen Bell has to say.

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