Kristen Bell Confesses Husband Dax Shepard Once ‘Nursed’ From Her

"He pulled it out [...] and I've never been more in love."

When you become a parent and you’re in a partnership, you really start to develop a good understanding of each other. You either grow together and get a deeper appreciation for each other or it goes the opposite way. It’s hard and there are so many things you need to rely on each other for and other times where you sort of need your partner to read your mind. There is a lot of pressure and strain on the partnership during this time in life and Kristen Bell knows this well, too.

I love these two. I think they seem like really fun people and there seems to be a lot of love between the two. With all that they’ve said about each other in the media, it’s pretty clear there is a love here. Kristen and Dax don’t shy away from the hard conversations it seems and have been open about how hard marriage is. These two have been vocal about the need for therapy to work together. And growing and changing together while staying in love.

They’ve had two children together and so they’ve also had the struggle of pregnancy and parenthood together, too. And what I love most is it really seems like these two have each other’s backs. Like for real, no joke.

And that’s solidified when Kristen Bell shares the story of the time her husband nursed from her.

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Devan McGuinness

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