Kourtney Kardashian Shares the Details of Her 24-Hour Fasting and Detox Plan

I’ve never fasted in my life. At least, not by choice. I just love food way too much to deprive myself from the joys of eating something wonderfully calorific and satisfying for my very spoiled palate. There are very little things in this world that I won’t eat or at least try.

With that being said though, there are so many moms out there who try 24-hour fasting regimens and detox plans in hopes that it will help kick start their diet or hopefully help them get back on a path towards healthy eating again. While I know that everyone approaches their diets differently, I know that for myself I can’t be strict. I’m the kind of person who was born to break rules. That’s why I believe that everything should be done in moderation.

But is fasting really a bad thing? It depends on who you ask. In fact, celebrity mother Kourtney Kardashian recently shared some details about her 24-hour fasting and detox plan. And while some people are throwing her some side eye for this, others swear that fasting and detox plans absolutely work for them.

Credit: Instagram / @kourtneykardash

Here’s what you need to know.

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