Kirsten Dunst Finally Confirms Her Pregnancy And The Photos Are Worth The Wait

These are Beyoncé-level photos.

There are some people who just look like they’re supposed to be pregnant. They seem to carry the growing belly so well, look healthier and happier than before. That’s just a juxtapose from other pregnant people who look miserable, seem to carry their weight everywhere and have every awful symptom that you can think of. Some people like to scream from the rooftops that they’re expecting while others keep it more low-key. Celebrities usually are the ones who carry it well and like to share it with the world. Or they carry pregnancy in a way that makes it unavoidable to talk about. Kristen Dunst was rumored to be expecting her first baby, though she’s not said anything.

Outlets had reported that the actress was expecting her first child. She’s notoriously quiet about her personal life, which to me, is a good thing. She was apparently dating her Fargo co-star Jesse Plemmons and the two were now expecting a baby. We have not heart too much of their relationship — there have been very few, if any, paparazzi shots of the two together. There has not been much personal interviews though they did confirm that they were engaged.

Though, Kristen Dunst did tell Marie Claire  once that Jesse, “is my favourite actor I’ve ever worked with.”

And now there is no confusion because maternity shots hit the web and Kristen Dunst looks like a straight up goddess.

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Devan McGuinness

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