Kinder Eggs Are Finally Coming to America

When it comes to chocolate, I’m very picky. I mean, I’m not going to eat something that’s not worth the calories. You know how a lot of parents usually go through their children’s Halloween candy to separate and eat the good brands when they’re asleep? I’m not like that. My chocolate has to be of the best quality for me to really enjoy it. In other words, if it came from a supermarket shelf or check out counter, there’s a good chance that I won’t eat it. There aren’t a lot of things in life that I’m obsessed about but when it comes to chocolate, I’m the ultimate snob.

With that being said though, there are a number of European chocolate brands that I absolutely love. There’s just something so rich, tasty and satisfying about either a Cadbury or Milka chocolate bar (if you haven’t tried Milka’s oreo combination bar, you are missing out!). Both the Italians and the Germans know how to make their chocolate and that’s why a lot of people are ecstatic about the latest announcement from Ferrero International S.A. Trust me when I say that both you and your kids are going to benefit from this.

Credit: Instagram/@kinderitalia

Ferraro has a huge surprise for their American fan base…

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