What Is Steph Shep’s Job Now? What To Know About Kim Kardashian’s Ex-Assistant

What Is Steph Shep's Job Now?

You know, Kim Kardashian’s ex-assistant had a dream job. She got to eat, drink and sleep at some of the best hotels in the world while traveling first class with Kim Kardashian by her side. I mean, it’s the kind of job that any person in Los Angeles would take in a heartbeat. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate (or love to hate) Kim Kardashian. Everyone wants to work for a celebrity.

That’s why for someone like Steph Shep, the job was perfect. And she was the perfect assistant, too. That is, until things started getting a little out of hand between her and Kim. Before she was let go, Steph was promoted from assistant to COO of Kardashian West Brands (a HUGE step up if you ask us) and helped Kim keep track of her app, Kimoji. It was also her job to drive around with a trunk full of wrapped Kimoji merchandise for emergency purposes. And no, we are not making that last part up.

So what exactly happened between Kim Kardashian and Steph Shep? We put some pieces together to figure out the mystery. But as we all know, there’s always two sides of a story.

Here’s what Steph Shep is doing now.

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