Kim Kardashian Throws A ‘Simple’ Cherry Blossom Theme Shower For Baby #3!

Not surprisingly it's a bit extravagant!

I’m not sure what the custom is where you live, but for me women had baby showers for their first child and their first child only.

It was normally a nice afternoon with friends and family who would all get together to celebrate the upcoming new arrival. Maybe you’d play a shower game or two or maybe it was just a great opportunity to get together for the afternoon to celebrate the mom to be and gift her with all those essentials a new baby needs because we all know that list is endless!

The only time I had friends who had a shower for more than one baby is if there was a big age gap between kids, which meant that the mother had typically given everything away and it had been so long since she had a baby there were countless new products on the market. But that’s the only circumstance we ever had more than one baby shower for an expectant mother.

Celebrities are another breed altogether, aren’t they? Celebrities, the people who can afford to buy their own onesies and swings and baby blankets always seem to have a baby shower for every baby they have! Maybe they just like any excuse to throw a party?

Kim Kardashian reminded us all that she is indeed expecting her third baby relatively soon by throwing her own baby shower this weekend. While she referred to it as a simple ‘tea’ it was definitely one of the most extravagant and beautiful baby showers I’ve ever seen!

Click through to see the simple tea shower and all it’s elegant extravagance.

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