Kim Kardashian Shares Heartfelt Apology for Defending ‘Racist’ Makeup Artist

At this point in time, the whole Kardashian crew is kinda known for being at the epicenter of a controversy and today is no different. With everything happening this past weekend, racism is being talked about a great deal, and rightfully so – it’s something that needs to end.

Well in the world of Kardashian, Kim to be exact, there was a little bit of trouble. Apparently, she told her followers to “lay off” with bothering controversial makeup artist Jeffree Star because he “already apologized” for racist comments he had made on a video from 2005. But, now she’s sorry. Can you imagine why?

Kim's snaps
Credit: Instagram @kimksnapchats

See Kim Kardashians public apology and why there will probably be another one coming soon!

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