Kim Kardashian May Need To Have A Hysterectomy After She Gives Birth

Now, before we get into this, let me say this: just like every woman’s body, every pregnancy is different. While some might have symptom-free pregnancies for up to nine months, other moms go through all sorts of stages that include morning sickness, day and night nausea, complications, and so forth. Personally, I had to deal with several kidney stones during my two pregnancies but hey, what doesn’t ruin us makes us stronger, right? That’s why I always insist that our tiger stripes are hard earned, mamas!

With that being said, I have absolutely no reason to throw any shade to Kim Kardashian after she recently revealed that she might have a hysterectomy after she gives birth to her second child. She is currently expecting with her husband Kanye West and according to the reality television star herself, her struggles are ones that a lot of mothers can relate to. Here are some highlights about her pregnancy and motherhood in an interview she did with C Magazine:

How motherhood changed her: “A lot. It has taught me how to prioritize. And I was forced to take a break for awhile. I never liked downtime, but I decided I enjoy it—that’s when the fun ideas come about. I felt like I was, I don’t want to say overexposed, but I had too many different projects.”

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