Kim Kardashian Bragged About Saint’s Spelling Abilities & It Led To A Wild New Baby Name Suggestion

We have to admit, it's got a nice ring to it!

Celebrity moms: they’re just like us! Not even a mega-star like Kim Kardashian can resist bragging about her kids’ accomplishments on social media. And it’s just as cute and funny when she does it. Kimmie recently tweeted about her son Saint and his seemingly genius-level spelling ability.

If true, this is seriously fantastic. If not, at least it gave us a hilarious baby-name game. People in her mentions couldn’t get over or believe Kim’s claim. And others wondered if maybe Saint was practicing spelling his new baby sister’s name.

Of course, we know now what Kim and Kanye named their new little bundle of joy. And thankfully, it wasn’t the word Saint can supposedly spell (it’s still pretty weird, though). According to Kim, her 2-year old son Saint can spell the word “gargantuan”. Now, I’m not entirely sure this is 100% truthful. That’s a pretty big word! And I would wager a guess that a good chunk of adults couldn’t spell it right the first time. But, toddlers are smart, and maybe Saint is a genius. His dad certainly has a way with words, and Kim has turned herself into a multi-million dollar empire.

So one of the kids of Kim Kardashian being an actual genius isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility!

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