Kim Kardashian Admits She Used Kourtney’s Breast Milk to Heal Her Skin

Full disclosure: I have suffered with eczema since I was a toddler, if not before. I get really bad flare-ups when I’m stressed. About 18 years ago it covered two-thirds of my neck and it was so bad ­– rough, taut, flaky and dry – that it was painful to turn my head.

When you get to that point it can be embarrassing and unsightly as well as uncomfortable. Back then I tried everything to get rid of it from drinking herbal green medicine that made me want to gag to having acupuncture. I was so desperate at one point that I would have tried almost anything, especially as it was spreading to my collarbone.

So I completely understand why Kim Kardashian – who has been suffering from psoriasis since 2010 – has sometimes been at her wit’s end when trying to combat her dry, flaky skin patches. Imagine having to deal with that while having hundreds of flashbulbs in your face, catching every single imperfection.

Now the 36-year-old is revealing the lengths that she went to, to try to get rid of her psoriasis.

Kim kardashian got milf
Credit: VEVO / Fergie

How did Kim Kardashian try to heal her skin with her sister’s breast milk?

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