Kim Kardashian Accused Of Bad Parenting With North West

This time she’s really crossed the line.

Kim Kardashian is someone that knows how to spark a scandal without even trying. At this point, you can say that it’s in her blood. She’ done so many thing and has said so many things that we seriously can’t keep up with her controversies anymore. It’s like it’s one after another.

But this time around she crossed the line.

Before we get into this, let’s make one thing very clear: it’s without a doubt that Kim Kardashian loves her children. She and her husband Kanye West have a beautiful family: their daughters North and Chicago West and their son Saint West. And from what we can tell, everyone seems happy and content. At least, that’s what it looks like from the outside.

And while we also know that Kim has what it takes to be a good mom, she does make her mistakes just like the rest of us. What sucks for her though is that her mistakes are often made public.

Yet this time around people aren’t willing to forgive her. A lot of critics are saying that Kim not only crossed the line with North West, but that her parenting is both bad and tacky. Here’s why.

Kim Kardashian is getting slammed big time for her latest stunt.

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