Kids Are Now Abusing Hand Sanitizers in Terrifying Ways

If you are a cleanliness-obsessed germophobe who has made a habit of frequently using hand sanitizer like lotion, you might want to listen up to this.

These days I can’t help but notice that more kids are carrying clip-on pocket-sized hand sanitizers on their backpacks at school. After all, the germiest places in the world are in schools. They are full of hot zones for disgusting germs, viruses and who knows what else may be growing and living underneath desks, around playgrounds and in hallways.

Yet, there’s a new report that says more and more kids are actually drinking hand sanitizers instead of using them on their hands to kill germs. I know this sounds unbelievable (and abnormal), but it’s happening.

hand sanitizer
Credit: Shutterstock

A rising number of kids are getting sick from hand sanitizers!


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