Kids And The Snack War

 Anyone that knows me knows I am anti “health nut” of extremes. I don’t believe in bringing carrots and celery with cheese and crackers to my kids classrooms on Valentine’s Day instead of cupcakes and cookies. (I already fought that one) I actually believe sugar is and should be a part of children’s lives, just as long as they get all the nutrients that their growing bodies need first!  Some of my favorite memories as a kid involve an ice cream cone on a hot summer night, picking candy from our local drug store after school on a Friday and yes, even mom taking us for a Happy Meal when she got home from work too late to cook!  But, I also believe in being healthy!!!!!! I say wherever we can opt for a healthier snack that gives our bodies nutrients, the better.

It all starts at the youngest of age when we first introduce them to “solids”  As they learn to eat a variety of different foods they also need to learn what these foods actually do for their bodies.  Oranges and berries, helps keep you from getting sick and having a runny nose. Meat, beans and cheese keeps our muscles strong, “let me see those muscles!”.  Milk and yogurt keeps our bones be strong, Oatmeal, gives us lots of energy to play with our friends, etc……

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