12 Things Kids Do That Leave Us Scratching Our Heads Wondering What Kind of Monster We Created

As much as we love our kids, let’s face it: they are tiny little monsters. Yet we need to take the blame for all of their crazy, bizarre destructive behavior because yes, we created them.

Sure, I love my kids but at times, I do question where they get all of their silly ideas and crazy energy from. For example, my daughter used to meow like a cat whenever she requested a glass of milk. My son even likes to bark, growl, and hiss more than he likes to talk. If you are a parent, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Here are 12 times our children acted like bizarre (and unexplained) little creatures!

1. Uh, That a Horse?

while child
Credit: Shutterstock/ Shane Trotter

According to one mom, her daughter has been acting like a horse. If you call her to dinner or just address her in any way by her name she immediately corrects everyone and says, “I’m not Madison, I’m Nay Nay.” As much as parents love their children and their imagination, I’m sure they want their kids back!

2. Got That Animal Instinct

parent memes
Credit: Instagram/@howtobeadad

I’m sure every parent can relate: so many kids LOVE to put everything in their mouths, just like animals! There’s nothing that my son wouldn’t put in his mouth, even if it came straight from the ground. Yuck!

3. Um… Cat?

Credit: Bored Panda

Honestly, if it weren’t for the orange shirt and leggings, you’d think that toddler was a cat. And yes, this is another reason why parents shouldn’t worry about spilt milk. If you have cats and you have a toddler, chances are you’ve seen them act more like each other than you ever thought would happen. Cats and toddlers are weird.

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