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It’s important to teach kids compassion at an early age. When you teach your children about charity, you give them important life lessons. Ironically charity doesn’t start with helping strangers. As cliché as it sounds, it really begins at home. The easiest way for young children to understand charity is to see it in action among family members. If you make giving a priority, then teaching by example, children will learn to give cheerfully.

For example, if a grandparent isn’t feeling well, suggest that your child make a get-well card. If one child has a difficult day at school, invite the others kids to help you bake a treat for him or her. This helps a child become more sensitive to the needs and feelings of other people. Ask your children to choose toys that they no longer use to donate, when you go grocery shopping ask each of your children to pick out and item to donate.

Most kids can more readily relate to other children who are hurting. Involving kids in programs that help other kids is the perfect way to instill a lifelong attitude of giving to charity.

“As a mother, my kids grew up seeing the joy I felt while helping other children. I think the most important thing is to involve your kids in a fun endeavor while helping others. When my daughter was 12 years old she helped me paint balloons on the wall in my art and activity room for the children at the Ronald McDonald house.” – Matti Contopulos founder of the Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

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