Kickin’ Our Bad Habits Away With SodaStream For The New Year

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Until recently, it’s been very hard to get my husband to stop drinking his daily cokes. He would argue with my that there was nothing wrong with drinking a daily Diet Coke, which any dietician, nutritionist and skeptic on the Internet can tell you that it’s entirely wrong.

Luckily, I’ve encouraged him to make the switch from coke and pepsi to SodaStream Waters. It still gives him the sparkly taste he craves but it’s more natural with less sugar and it tastes a whole lot better.

And the result? He lost 10 pounds almost instantly in the last two weeks just by cutting coke out of his diet.

SodaStream recently launched new waters flavors that feature all natural ingredients and no added sugar (but a few are sugar free). The great thing is that he’s made a huge shift in his life without even feeling it, as sparkling water is a great way to have fun with your water while still staying healthy. Plus your drink is ready for you in less than 30 seconds with no mess, and that’s especially important since as we’re a family of four, we are always in and out of the kitchen and things are left everywhere (but that’s a different story for another day!).

Plus, we live in the South where we always have to stay hydrated and I’ve noticed that he’s been drinking more water than he has ever done before. I’m super proud of him and hoping that he’ll continue to kick his bad habits away for the New Year, too.

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