KIA Sorento The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift !

If you are looking for the Ultimate Mothers Day Gift we have just the idea for you! We were given a KIA Sorento to test drive for a week and LOVED it!

It’s got an amazing amount of room for all of your needs. I never had any idea with two kids just how much room I would need in a car and I’ve been finding that my station wagon just isn’t enough. The Kia Sorento has a huge trunk space even when both of the third row seats are in use.


The drive is amazing. The steering is tight and almost feels like you’re driving a German sports car. The smooth ride gives you the feeling of a of an American luxury sedan. And the pep? That makes you feel like you could take on the NASCAR circuit.

Sure, it drives well, but just as importantly, the Sorento is GORGEOUS! The exterior is sporty and classy and the dashboard makes you feel like your piloting your own private spaceship. All the controls are in easy reach – and it’s got an attachment so your ipod or other mp3 device can be fully integrated with the sound system.

The back seat has plenty of room for two full sized children’s car seats (not to mention the ese of installation) and for a full sized person to sit between. Plus it’s got plenty of leg room so you don’t have to worry about your child kicking the seat to distract you while you’re driving.


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