I never thought I would be asking for a Car for Mother’s day! OK, maybe Mothers day and My birthday and My Anniversary since they all fall within 3 months!!! I recently had the opportunity to test drive the New Kia Sorento

Before we had children, but certainly in the process of discussing having them, my husband and I would see a lot of minivans driving around.  He would tease me that we were going to get one and the thought would make me shudder (at the very least).

When we actually had our children, we started with a mid-sized SUV and have since moved on to a station wagon.  We’ve found that while we’ve like both vehicles, each had one distinct disadvantage.  While the SUV had lots of space and it’s lack of a third row wasn’t an issue at the time, the gas mileage left a lot to be desired (and with a $4.17/gallon price tag on regular in Los Angeles, that just wasn’t going to fly).  With the wagon, we’re finding that there’s not nearly enough cargo space and now a third row would come in really handy.  The KIA Sorento  right off the bat, cures both of the issues we’ve had with the last two cars.  The car based frame contributes to great gas mileage (depending on the engine you choose, a range of 26 – 32 mpg highway), in one week I did not get close to emptying the tank!

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