Khloe Kardashian Has Allegedly Forgiven Tristan Thompson For Cheating On Her

The New Mom Wants to Focus on Her Baby Girl and Move Forward

Ugh, KHLOE. Come on, girl! I really hope this is just a lot of idle gossip, because if it’s true, damn. Sources are saying that Khloe Kardashian has allegedly already forgiven Tristan Thompson for cheating on her while she was pregnant. In case you missed it, video surveillance and photos surfaced last week, showing Tristan kissing two  women and entering the hotel he was staying at with a different woman. News photos eventually surfaced showing Tristan spending a lot of time with a fifth woman named Tania. Neither Tristan or Khloe (or anyone from Kamp Kardashian) commented or addressed the scandal. And just a couple of days after the evidence came to light, Khloe gave birth to their baby girl in Cleveland.

Now, it’s obvious that Khloe has had A WEEK. It’s bad enough finding out your significant other is cheating on you, and has been cheating throughout your pregnancy. But to find out when you’re just days away from giving birth? That’s got to be so hard to deal with. I can certainly understand wanting to wait to make any major decisions. Especially since she’s just had a baby! Those early days and weeks are wild after a baby is born, and her attention is needed elsewhere. But now sources are saying that Tristan is as good as forgiven, and Khloe has found a way to make his cheating not his fault.

Khloe, girl, it takes two to tango…

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