Kevin Hart’s Birth Announcement Of His Son Sparks The Most Unexpected Controversy

People find fault with anything.

There are some celebrities that we all seem to love to follow their every move. Whether it’s because we really admire them or if it’s because we love to hate on them, it’s become a part of our regular life. We may not know it, but there are some pop culture fanatics who love to hate on everything, but they may have gone too far with Kevin Hart’s birth announcement of his son.

He is one of the more famous comics we see on a regular right now. People really seem to love Kevin Hart’s humor, hes in movies that adults can enjoy and voices some pretty fun characters in kid’s movies, too. He’s everywhere and genuinely seems like a rare likable celebrity.

I think that’s why there’s been extra eyes on him lately because there’s been some negative press about him and how he’s treating his wife lately. People love to hate on the untouchables who seem to be falling and it’s starting to feel like maybe they’re being extra critical of him now.

He’s not perfect and yeah, there’s been a lot of drama about him lately. Allegations of Kevin cheating on his pregnant wife, Eniko, and the weird confession video he shared on social media didn’t really help either.

But, now that his baby has been born, people rushed to Kevin Hart’s birth announcement photo on Instagram to call him out, sparking unexpected controversy.

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Devan McGuinness

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