Kevin Federline Is Requesting Up to “Three Times More” Child Support From Britney Spears

But where is the money going?

    Kevin Federline is seeking to increase his child support payments from ex-wife Britney Spears. The former couple were married for three years from October, 2004 until June, 2007 and share two young sons together. They divorced in 2008 and have had a custody and support agreement in place, but now Federline wants more money.

    Divorce is never easy, especially when there are children involved. Naturally parents want their children to be able to enjoy being with both parents equally. It’s hard when one parent has expensive toys and takes the kids on lavish vacations when the other parent can’t afford any of that. But is it the wealthier parent’s responsibility to provide for the former spouse? Kevin Federline’s court documents seem to allege he isn’t able to provide the same for his sons as their mother is due to income disparity.

    Federline is asking the courts to triple his child support payments of $20,000 a month ($10,000 per child) especially since his income has dropped drastically since 2008. The documents, obtained by The Blast, show that Federline claims he makes less than 1% of what is ex-wife earns.

    Federline also believes that since he’s making less, and Spears is making significantly more, than when their support agreement was put in place, he deserves an increase.


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