Kerry Washington: “We Need To Start Talking About Abortions”

While we are so used to talking about breastfeeding, babysitting, vaccinations and every other controversial subject known to man, there’s one thing that many mothers simply don’t talk about (out loud, at least): abortions. Whether by choice or consequence, it happens and it’s a huge decision that usually weighs very heavily on a woman before, during and after.
Now, if you’re a big fan of ABC’s hit drama Scandal (raise your hand!) you’ll know that Kerry Washington’s character Olivia Pope (my hero) had an abortion during an episode back in November. Pope accidentally got pregnant by Fitz and decided she wanted to end the pregnancy. In a new interview, Washington opens up about the controversial plot line and how it’s important to talk about women’s issues on television no matter how real or difficult it may sometimes be.

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