Kendra Wilkinson Rushed To The Hospital After Canceling Two Vegas Shows

"I'll make it up to you."

We’ve got a lot of celebrity moms who are favorites of ours and Kendra Wilkinson is one of them. She’s always so great at speaking her mind, being a fierce protector of her kids, and her DGAF attitude wins us over every time.

We got to know Kendra Wilkinson as one of the girlfriends of the now late Huge Hefner and during her time on The Girls Next Door, the reality show that followed the escapades of Hugh and the main girlfriends, she brought so much humor and real into our lives.

As she’s moved on from the show and married to an ex-football player, this mom of two has continued to be great at everything she does. Kendra Wilkinson went on to have her own spin-off reality show for a while, she published a memoir, was on a season of Dancing With the Stars, and did another reality TV show. She’s been really busy over the past several years and she never seems to slow down.

Now the mom is on the Vegas show roll, starring as the lead in Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Gay Guy alongside former Queer Eye for the Straight Guy star, Jai Rodriguez.

Kendra had a scare earlier this week when she Tweeted that she wasn’t feeling well, just before rushing to the hospital .

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