Kendra Wilkinson Blasts Farrah Abraham and Says She’s ‘Going Down’

Crossing The Line

is farrah abraham pregnant
Credit: Instagram / @farrah__abraham

If that weren’t enough, Farrah allegedly used some very provocative and racially-charged comments towards Paula. And Kendra heard it all!


Kendra then told viewers in her confessional: “I don’t throw out the f***ing race card like that. This b***h didn’t just offend Paula, she offended my husband and my kids, me,’ she exclaims, before adding ‘You’re going f***ing down, dude.”

If that weren’t enough, Kendra also said that there might have some sinister motives behind Farrah’s rant.

“Farrah was supposed to have self-control and she voluntarily picked on [Paula] for her own amusement and for her own rating or whatever and I didn’t like it all,” she told People Magazine. “You’re picking on someone who’s highly vulnerable and who’s highly not in self-control. I didn’t like it all. I spoke my mind.”

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