Kendra Wilkinson Blasts Farrah Abraham and Says She’s ‘Going Down’

When producers decided to bring on both Kendra Wilkinson and Farrah Abraham for ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Family Edition,’ they knew what they were doing. Both women have fiery personalities and are highly opinionated which makes for great reality television. When Kendra has something on her mind, she’ll tell you about it. And the same goes for Farrah, too.

But have these two reality television stars and celebrity moms crossed the line with their latest back-and-forth banter? That’s what some viewers think. In fact, Kendra has been left both shocked and outraged after Farrah made some rather racially insensitive comments on air. For her, it just hit too close to home. Here’s what happened.

Farrah Abraham listening.
Credit: MTV

Did Farrah cross the line with her comments?

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