Kendall Jenner Shades Scott Disick On An Instagram Picture Of Him And His Girlfriend


There’s nothing like some good old fashioned social media drama between celebrities! Over the weekend, a Scott Disick fan account on Instagram posted a picture of Scott out with his kids and current paramour Sofia Richie. First of all, I didn’t even know what Scott Disick fan accounts existed. What are they fans of, exactly? But I digress. Scott is 34. Sofia is 19. So there’s a bit of an age difference there. May-December romances aren’t unheard of, and are pretty common in Hollywood. But apparently, there’s still some bad blood between Scott and the Kardashian/Jenner crowd, because Kendall Jenner decided to cast a net of shade over the whole situation.

It’s always funny to me when celebrities comment on social media like regular people. Obviously, they pay very close attention to what’s happening on the various platforms, especially when it concerns them. But don’t they have assistants for that? Or burner accounts? Even if Kendall does, she chose to sign her whole name to the piping hot comment she left on the picture of Scott and Sofia. But it’s always important to remember, Kenny: people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones for thousands and thousands of people to see.

It must have been a particularly sunny day in Los Angeles yesterday, judging by Kendall Jenner’s shade…

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