Kendall Jenner Said Kylie’s Pregnancy Was “Weird” For Her

Welcome to the Club, Kendall

    I don’t have any younger sisters, but I do have a younger brother. We sort of followed the birth order, and I got married and had kids before he even thought to settle down. And it felt like the right way to do it. It would’ve been odd for him to do it first! So when Kendall Jenner said that Kylie’s pregnancy was a little weird for her, I could totally understand why she said it. Kylie is her younger sister, and you just don’t expect your younger sister to have a baby before you do! But it’s just like a younger sister to pull that, isn’t it? (Kidding!)

    In a new interview with Elle magazine, Kendall opened up about her rapidly expanding family, Kylie as a mom, and how her own relationship with Kylie changed after Stormi was born. Babies change you, and they change your relationships. But luckily, it’s usually for the better! The Kardashian Jenner family has added three new members this year (all girls!), which is sort of bananas. But don’t look to Kendall to carry on that rate of return anytime soon.

    Kendall Jenner says she wants to wait to have kids, but it sounds like she loves being an auntie.

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