KellyAnne Conway Reveals Why She’s Having a Hard Time Connecting With Her Kids

If there’s one person who has made just as many headlines as President Donald Trump in the last year, it’s his campaign manager, spokesperson and right-hand woman, KellyAnne Conway. Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that she’s the hardest working woman in the White House right now.

And with all the attention that KellyAnne has been getting these days (even I’ll admit that sitting on the Oval Office couch the way she did looked pretty awkward), there are four people who are seeing less of her— her own children. KellyAnne recently admitted that she’s putting in more than her fair share of her hours at the office, leaving her very little time to spend with her kids at home. Sounds familiar?

KellyAnne Conway
Credit: Twitter/@KellyAnnePolls

Because millions of other mothers deal with the same problem each and every day. Here’s what KellyAnne has to say.

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