Kelly Osbourne Got Banned From Two Playgrounds For Doing The Unthinkable To Another Child

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If there’s one thing I would never do, it’s yell, scream, chastise or try to discipline another child in any way. That’s just territory that I wouldn’t want to cross over, as I would really kill me inside if I saw another adult yelling at my own child. You can’t fix someone else’ problem and if you’re in a playground with an unruly child, the best thing to do is walk away unless of course they are inflicting harm to the other children that are around them (and only then would I ever so gently inform the parents or if the situation was really bad, call law enforcement).

But for Kelly Osbourne though, she sees things a little differently. The former reality television star and host has admitted that she was banned from two different Los Angeles area playgrounds for screaming at kids and their parents to help protect her 3-year-old niece, Pearl, who is Jack Osbourne’s little daughter.

Kelly told Meredith Viera on her talk show, “I’ve been banned from two parks in the area because this kid was mean to my niece and I yelled at the child and the child’s mother.”

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